GN Thermoforming Equipment Co.

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    GN Thermoforming Equipment Co.

    345 Old Trunk 3

    +1 902 275-3571

    In partnership with an experienced Italian machine manufacturer, GN is re-introducing to the market a Form/Cut/Stack Thermoformer that was manufactured and distributed worldwide for many years. With the input of customers and toolmakers, the enhanced GN800 will continue to service the production requirements of companies around the world. The GN800 is a High Speed Form/Cut/Stack Thermoformer, the first GN model that offers movable top and bottom platens. Main Features: Forming 150mm above and below sheet line High efficiency heaters Increased tonnage in both forming and cutting stations In-mould-cut capability Optional stacking systems Optional punching station Multi-purpose thermoformer for food, medical, industrial and other special applications Optional Material pre-heating system Optional Motorized material unwind unit



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